Free your body, mind and spirit

Yoga is a tool for wholehearted living. Sure, challenging oneself physically & getting playful with postures that seem impossible
at first is rewarding and also insightful into what is possible when we show up for something with endless dedication,
but in its truest essence it is a tool to experience better quality of living on all realms of being (physical, mental, spiritual).

My journey with yoga started off as a mere search for a movement practice that didn't involve forcing myself to go to the
gym and watching the clock every tick of the way. Little did I know that after my first yoga class, I'd be embarking on an
infinite dance with breath, mindful movement and spiritual insight. 
This mindful practice on the mat started to filter into my every day, from how I breathe, to what I eat, my speech, my thoughts, how I engage with others and nature, my posture
and awareness during mundane tasks like washing dishes or brushing my teeth, and my interest in spiritual and self study. 

Every moment whether on or off the mat, becomes part of the practice, an observation & a means for self-empowerment.


The journey is not always easy. It does not solely consist of light, joy and the bliss of pain-free experiences.

On the contrary, this dance fully encompasses both the light and the dark, joy and pain, surrender and resistance and all
the in-between
with awareness and full acceptance. All it requires is that we show up wholeheartedly, over and over again.

Group and private yoga for all levels


I offer yoga classes of all levels for groups, privates and corporate sessions.

With 6 years of teaching experience in the varying styles of Hatha, Vinyasa,

Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation, I can plan classes tailored to your
specific needs. 
If you are interested in embarking on a yoga journey with me,
get in touch for
more information and availability. My yoga classes are offered

both in person and online. Namaste